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Buying a new home is probably the biggest investment you'll ever make. And it's a decision that will affect you for years to come. The process can be extremely stressful and confusing. And of course, there is always considerable risk involved when making such a large purchase decision. A professional inspection will significantly reduce your risk and help make the entire home buying process easier and less stressfull. I really enjoy helping my clients in this process. Satisfied clients and past client referrals have kept me in business for over 16 years. When hiring a home inspector this is no time to go cheap. Like most professions not all inspectors are created equal and the price differences will be a direct reflection of this. Don't be lured in by the "cheap" quicky inspection that could cost you thousands in the long run. My inspections don't cost money they save you money. You should hire someone trusted and experienced that will take the time necessary and go above and beyond the "minimal requirements" when necessary to provide a thorough inspection. The last thing you want to do is hire someone who is still in the "learning process", or someone who is going to rush through the inspection. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to inspecting a home and it takes a long time to get good at this job. As a local inspector with thousands of home inspections under my belt and a solid reputation in Owensboro since 2001 you can rest assured when you hire me you are getting a thorough inspection.

The average inspection takes 3 hours on site. The time will vary depending on the size and condition of the home. You are encouraged to attend the inspection but it's not necesary to be present for the entire inspection. I encourage my clients to attend the inspection for the last hour or so. This gives me time to put my full focus on inspecting the home with no distractions and will also give you an opportunity to view the home again while I'm finishing the inspection. At the end of the inspection I will go over my findings, answer any questions you have, and point out things like the location of the main water shut off, locations of filters ect. I will also show you the good points of the house as well. Plus, I will explain what routine maintenance is needed to keep the house in top condition. This will help you to get the most benefit from the inspection and gain the most understanding of the systems that make up your home, and how to maintain it. Whithin 48 hours of the inspection you will receive a detailed report that is easy to understand with pictures included. Everything identified during the inspection will be included in the report. Armed with the information my report will provide, you can make your decision with confidence.

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